Best Quality Price Weather Station

Davis Instruments Vantage Vue

Brand: Davis Instruments

The Rolls Royce of weather stations, this expensive device rivals most pro-grade units.

Davis Instruments Vantage Vue advantages

Large LCD constantly displays real-time data. Info transmits 1,000 feet from base. Sophisticated readings and accuracy with (almost) zero lag.

Davis Instruments Vantage Vue disadvantages

Pricey, but you are paying for quality and an advanced feature set.

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La Crosse Technology Wireless Weather Station

Brand: La Crosse Technology

This entry-level device doesn't have every sensor a weather buff would want, but it displays plenty of useful info on a large LCD.

La Crosse Technology Wireless Weather Station advantages

LCD monitor displays a surprising amount of weather data. 330-foot range for wireless sensors.

La Crosse Technology Wireless Weather Station disadvantages

Outdoor humidity sensor not waterproof. RF connection between sensors and base difficult to maintain. Limited base/sensor lifespans.

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Ambient Weather WS-10 Wireless

Brand: Ambient Weather

Numerous sensors and programs allow users to analyze basic atmospheric data like the pros.

Ambient Weather WS-10 Wireless advantages

WiFi delivers outdoor readings to indoor base. Sensors measure a wide range of data. Sophisticated yet easy.

Ambient Weather WS-10 Wireless disadvantages

Monitor is small; some data is hard to read. WiFi not always reliable. Some location restrictions, especially "salty" areas.

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AcuRite Pro Color

Brand: AcuRite

Great value and performance. The older monitor display technology is not angle-proof, but the data itself is fairly accurate.

AcuRite Pro Color advantages

One sensor provides 5 types of info. Connects to weather websites via app or browser. Real-time ticker provides 24/7 data.

AcuRite Pro Color disadvantages

Challenging setup. Monitor not in full color. Some issues w/accuracy, specifically ambient air temperatures.

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Oregon Scientific w/Atomic Time

Brand: Oregon Scientific

Occasional flaws and the need for additional purchases keep this budget-priced device out of our "Best Bang for your Buck" category.

Oregon Scientific w/Atomic Time advantages

Affordable and easy to set up/use. Monitors up to 3 remote locations at a time.

Oregon Scientific w/Atomic Time disadvantages

Additional sensors needed to maximize product. Indoor unit does not hang up; must sit on a table or shelf.

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