Best Quality Price Wall Safe

SentrySafe 2X-Large

Brand: SentrySafe

The best safe on the market. Its rugged construction will keep valuables secure from burglars, fire, and almost anything else.

SentrySafe 2X-Large advantages

A high-quality safe with a fire liner, making it a truly fireproof model. Durable, thick-gauge steel sits 8 inches into a wall for exceptional space, yet fits flush for easy concealment.

SentrySafe 2X-Large disadvantages

Extremely heavy, so it is hard to move. More costly than other models, but it provides a lot of security for the price.

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Paragon Lock and Safe Electronic Wall, Hidden

Brand: Paragon Lock and Safe

Pry-proof, and spacious for the price, it provides users all the benefits of a wall safe at an impressive price.

Paragon Lock and Safe Electronic Wall, Hidden advantages

A top-selling model that gives users security at a value price. It stands out for being easy to install yet nearly impossible for burglars to remove. We love that it comes with a 10-year warranty.

Paragon Lock and Safe Electronic Wall, Hidden disadvantages

The keypad and knob are made of flimsy plastic, but all the crucial parts are heavy-duty. The locking mechanism protrudes, making the safe more difficult to conceal with a painting.

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Barska Biometric Wall

Brand: Barska

Very secure and durable, this model is ideal for users who like the idea of the latest technology for easy yet secure access.

Barska Biometric Wall advantages

Easy to conceal and nearly impossible to break into, this model features a 2-point deadbolt lock and biometric fingerprint scanning technology for a mid-range price.

Barska Biometric Wall disadvantages

Not as deep as our top recommended models. Offers only a 1 year warranty.

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Stack-On Wall, w/Electronic Lock

Brand: Stack-On

Though a solid wall safe, there may be others that offer more value and convenience for the money.

Stack-On Wall, w/Electronic Lock advantages

Solid, pry-proof, and easy to install. It sets flush when installed for easy concealment, and comes with a key rack for easy and convenient key storage.

Stack-On Wall, w/Electronic Lock disadvantages

The shelves aren't as deep as they could be, and the warranty lasts only three years.

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Protex Wall, w/Digital Keypad

Brand: Protex

A nicely designed safe that is rugged and easy to hide, but users might prefer other models we tested for a better deal.

Protex Wall, w/Digital Keypad advantages

Streamlined and easy to use. It features motorized locking bolts that allows the door to open automatically when activated.

Protex Wall, w/Digital Keypad disadvantages

Expensive as compared to similar products on the market.

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