Best Quality Price Umbrella

EEZ-Y Travel Umbrella

Brand: EEZ-Y

Its convenient features and durable construction put the EEZ-Y at the top of our list for the best available today.

EEZ-Y Travel Umbrella advantages

Double canopy allows air to move through it rather than inverting the umbrella. Incredibly compact.

EEZ-Y Travel Umbrella disadvantages

Automatic button works, but still takes some strength to close the umbrella

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Repel Travel Umbrella

Brand: Repel

For budget-minded consumers who want top-notch features in an umbrella, this is the best value available.

Repel Travel Umbrella advantages

Offers similar features and durability to umbrellas that are more expensive. Carbon fiber alloy protects frame. Lightweight and easy to use. Lots of color options available.

Repel Travel Umbrella disadvantages

Some consumers report it is a little difficult to close.

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CrownCoast Windproof Umbrella

Brand: CrownCoast

We recommend the CrownCoast for its overall performance and rugged construction.

CrownCoast Windproof Umbrella advantages

Has windproof memory frame and automatic open/close feature. Comes in numerous colors and patterns. Backed by a lifetime replacement guarantee.

CrownCoast Windproof Umbrella disadvantages

Some testers found that the open/close button has the tendency to stick. Size runs slightly small.

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totes Luggage Bubble Umbrella

Brand: totes

Some people might not like the bubble design; but if you do, this is the umbrella for you.

totes Luggage Bubble Umbrella advantages

Offers full protection in wind and rain. Made of water-repellent PVC. Transparent and easy to see through. Comes in 18 fun patterns. Has a limited lifetime warranty.

totes Luggage Bubble Umbrella disadvantages

Not as small or portable when closed as other umbrellas we tested, but if you like the bubble design, you won't mind.

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All-Weather Elite Series

Brand: All-Weather

A good choice when a large umbrella is needed, but not a practical choice for everyone.

All-Weather Elite Series advantages

A basic umbrella in a traditional design. Features a wooden handle for easy carrying. Ideal on the beach or golf course. Has a limited lifetime warranty.

All-Weather Elite Series disadvantages

Not very portable. Large and bulky to carry. Only available in one design.

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