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Soda Stream Aqua Fizz Premium

Brand: Soda Stream

Its reusable glass bottles make it an eco-friendly soda maker, and seasoned soda drinkers will love its collection of available flavors.

Soda Stream Aqua Fizz Premium advantages

Includes 2 stylish glass carafes. Small countertop footprint. Compatible with a wide range of tasty soda flavors. Electricity-free design. Easy to use.

Soda Stream Aqua Fizz Premium disadvantages

An automatic carbonation button option would have been nice.

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Drinkmate Spritzer

Brand: Drinkmate

An affordable carbonating machine that's designed to be portable so you can take it with you to picnics and parties.

Drinkmate Spritzer advantages

This easy-to-use carbonator works on water, juice, iced tea, wine, and more. The unit includes two 3-ounce carbon dioxide cylinders that can carbonate up to 32 beverages.

Drinkmate Spritzer disadvantages

The refill cylinders can be hard to find.

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SodaStream Fizzi One Touch

Brand: SodaStream

The top brand of soda making machines. Turns your water into a carbonated treat at the touch of a button.

SodaStream Fizzi One Touch advantages

This electric model allows you to select your desired level of carbonation and add the perfect amount of fizz with the touch of a button. This kit includes a 1-liter, reusable BPA-free carbonating bottle and a CO2 canister.

SodaStream Fizzi One Touch disadvantages

Unless you're recycling the CO2 canisters, the price can get to be a bit expensive.

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DrinkMate Carbonating Bottle

Brand: DrinkMate

The detachable fizz infuser makes it easy to insert the bottle and allows you to carbonate more than just water.

DrinkMate Carbonating Bottle advantages

This soda machine requires no electricity to use. It's compatible with SodaStream carbon dioxide canisters and includes a 1-liter BPA-free bottle. This model is capable of carbonating more than just water.

DrinkMate Carbonating Bottle disadvantages

This product does not include a CO2 canister – one must be purchased separately before using.

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iSi North America Soda Siphon

Brand: iSi North America

If you need a soda maker to provide refreshing and bubbly soda water for your fruit drinks and cocktails, this is the model for you.

iSi North America Soda Siphon advantages

Durable stainless steel construction. Simple to dispense fresh soda water. Easy to clean. Recyclable chargers. Spacious 1-quart capacity. Affordable.

iSi North America Soda Siphon disadvantages

This soda maker is only capable of making soda water.

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