Best Quality Price Safavieh Table Lamp

Safavieh Blanche

Brand: Safavieh

Beautiful, well-made lamps that suit most rooms. The best the brand has to offer.

Safavieh Blanche advantages

Durable ceramic base with a classic shape and neutral color that fits most décor. The lampshade detailing has a tailored feel.

Safavieh Blanche disadvantages

Too large and somewhat tall for small areas, and a bit on the pricey side.

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Safavieh Crescendo

Brand: Safavieh

About half the price of other sets with no compromise in style and quality. An incredible deal from Safavieh.

Safavieh Crescendo advantages

Crystal base and white polyester shade create a crisp, fashionable look. Reliable Safavieh quality at a price that won't break your budget.

Safavieh Crescendo disadvantages

The 15-inch height is a bit too short for some tastes.

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Safavieh Stephanie

Brand: Safavieh

A unique option, though the colors aren't quite as neutral as other offerings on our shortlist.

Safavieh Stephanie advantages

Ceramic green globe base with contrasting silver-toned rings. Thin, streamlined look and versatile 25-inch height.

Safavieh Stephanie disadvantages

The lampshades look a bit flimsy to some consumers.

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Safavieh Nikki

Brand: Safavieh

An acceptable choice if you like the unique style and mid-height size. However, they're not as streamlined and versatile as some other choices.

Safavieh Nikki advantages

Attractive shell base exudes a modern look. Some owners say lamps look even more beautiful in person. Height is ideal for bedrooms and family rooms.

Safavieh Nikki disadvantages

The round base is bulky and consumes a bit more tabletop space than some other designs.

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Safavieh Alexander

Brand: Safavieh

A good choice if you like the glass base and larger size, but be prepared for discrepancy in the color.

Safavieh Alexander advantages

Clear-colored glass base looks refined and is reminiscent of glass bottles. Solid construction with easy-to-operate switches.

Safavieh Alexander disadvantages

The 28-inch height may be too tall for small tables. The color of the glass base doesn't exactly match the description.

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