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FightCamp Personal Package

Brand: FightCamp

A full package that includes a punching bag, boxing gloves, a workout mat, wraps, and a punch tracker.

FightCamp Personal Package advantages

This is a totally inclusive home boxing setup. The punch trackers connect via Bluetooth to your devices so you can track your progress. Designed for targeted use to develop very specific skill sets for fight training.

FightCamp Personal Package disadvantages

Expensive option, but the company offers a monthly payment plan.

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Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag

Brand: Dripex

This sturdy punching bag works well for any home gym and offers excellent stability and weight.

Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag advantages

The weighted base makes this punching bag capable of taking heavy hits without coming close to tipping. Includes suction cups for extra stability. Its size and weight make it well suited to beginner or intermediate boxers. Filled with eco-friendly foam.

Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag disadvantages

If you plan to fill the base with sand, you will need a funnel to get sand through the small opening. Assembly is challenging.

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Century The Original Wavemaster

Brand: Century

Many users don't mind the high price due to the overall quality and durability this bag affords.

Century The Original Wavemaster advantages

Users rave about the resistance and rapid rebound - features that most competitors lack. Freestanding – doesn't need a hook. Round base is easy to roll away, so it's popular for studio as well as home use. Well-made and will last.

Century The Original Wavemaster disadvantages

More prone to bouncy movement than competitors, which some users don't prefer.

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Century Bob Torso Training Bag

Brand: Century

An popular studio fixture, this realistic torso helps students learn where to land hits.

Century Bob Torso Training Bag advantages

Torso is on an adjustable base to train for opponents of different heights. Base can be filled with sand or water and weighs about 270 pounds, making it extremely stable. Overall quality is excellent, and customer service is great.

Century Bob Torso Training Bag disadvantages

Moves across the ground with some hits, but it's not a deal-breaker.

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Ringside 100-Pound Muay Thai Heavy Bag

Brand: Ringside

Tall, slimline heavy bag specifically geared toward Muay Thai training.

Ringside 100-Pound Muay Thai Heavy Bag advantages

Long, slim bag is ideal to practice footwork, maneuvering, floor-based techniques, and kicks. Also great for Tae Kwon Do sparring practice. Packing firms up with repeated use. Bonus points for being latex-free. Best for advanced students.

Ringside 100-Pound Muay Thai Heavy Bag disadvantages

Mixed reviews on customer service regarding bag defects.

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