Best Quality Price Police Scanner

Uniden HomePatrol Digital Base/Mobile Scanner

Brand: Uniden

Scanner junkies will love this multi-frequency, feature-packed unit. It has a learning curve but is worth every penny for its performance and reliability.

Uniden HomePatrol Digital Base/Mobile Scanner advantages

Picks up frequencies clearly in analog and digital modes. Packed with features like Close Call RF Capture and location-based scanning. Some customization possible, such as connecting to an outdoor antenna. Great for home or auto use.

Uniden HomePatrol Digital Base/Mobile Scanner disadvantages

Initial programming takes time, as this isn’t a simple power-up-and-go scanner. No SD storage expansion on board.

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Uniden Base/Mobile Scanner

Brand: Uniden

A solid model by a trusted brand for an affordable price. The perfect scanner for experienced users who don't want to spend a lot.

Uniden Base/Mobile Scanner advantages

Reliable model that functions as a mobile or stationary police scanner. Features 300 channels and fast scanning of up to 100 channels at a time.

Uniden Base/Mobile Scanner disadvantages

Compact in size but not as easy to take on the go as handheld models. Somewhat difficult to program, making it challenging for novice users.

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Whistler Analog Desktop Scanner

Brand: Whistler

A basic police scanner that is the perfect choice for users who want a reliable analog model that is simple to use.

Whistler Analog Desktop Scanner advantages

A traditional analog model at an affordable price. Skywarn feature provides reliable storm warnings. Features 200 channels and the ability to be PC-programmed to back up data.

Whistler Analog Desktop Scanner disadvantages

Tech enthusiasts and users in areas w/digital codes might not find this analog scanner to be useful. Doesn't have AM radio reception.

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Uniden 500 Channel Clock/FM Radio Scanner with Weather Alert

Brand: Uniden

Though it has a budget-friendly price, it's not as reliable as other models on our shortlist. Channel selection is decent; set-up may be challenging.

Uniden 500 Channel Clock/FM Radio Scanner with Weather Alert advantages

Basic and affordable w/an impressive 500 channels and clear sound when the reception is good. Its weather alert feature, clock, and FM radio capability add to its value.

Uniden 500 Channel Clock/FM Radio Scanner with Weather Alert disadvantages

Users have reported that it is confusing to program and doesn't pick up much activity in some areas without adding another antenna. No AM radio.

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Whistler Handheld Scanner

Brand: Whistler

A good option for users who prefer a handheld unit.

Whistler Handheld Scanner advantages

Good sound quality. Sensitive receiver. Can record to SD card. Flexible to program. Interface is easy-to-use. Through-charging enabled.

Whistler Handheld Scanner disadvantages

Software is difficult to get the hang of. Manual is complicated.

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