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Rat Zapper Ultra

Brand: Rat Zapper

Ideal for users looking for a humane extermination, this trap is easy to use and works on rats, too.

Rat Zapper Ultra advantages

Suitable for larger infestations. Uses ordinary pet food bait. Captures indicated with flashing light.

Rat Zapper Ultra disadvantages

Drains batteries (size D) quickly. Some users report a limited work life. Rodents may learn to evade electrodes.

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JT Eaton Jawz Plastic Trap, Solid or Liquid Bait

Brand: JT Eaton

A finger-safe, no-touch set of 2 mouse traps that is economical and easy to place. Experienced manufacturer understands pest control problems.

JT Eaton Jawz Plastic Trap, Solid or Liquid Bait advantages

Red label confirms proper set-up by hand or foot (not fingers). Small enough to fit in remote locations, away from kids and pets. Strong spring action.

JT Eaton Jawz Plastic Trap, Solid or Liquid Bait disadvantages

First snap is not always lethal. Use caution when resetting trap or replacing bait.

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Trapper T-Rex Rat Trap

Brand: Trapper

This plastic-based trap avoids many of the problems of cheap wooden traps and comes in a set of four that's ideal for larger areas.

Trapper T-Rex Rat Trap advantages

Scientifically designed to deliver the right "snap" velocity. Large teeth prevent escape. Safer setup; no fingers near teeth.

Trapper T-Rex Rat Trap disadvantages

Cheap plastic construction can lead to failure. Immediate kill not guaranteed.

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Intruder Better Mousetrap

Brand: Intruder

This package includes six affordable traps—enough for an average home. We recommend it for those who have trust issues with traditional wooden traps.

Intruder Better Mousetrap advantages

One squeeze sets the trap; another releases it. Rodent is trapped without excessive bodily damage. Durable molded plastic allows for multiple uses.

Intruder Better Mousetrap disadvantages

Initial snap not always enough to dispatch humanely. Should be placed out of the range of small children or pets because of large bait area.

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Catchmaster Mouse/Spider/ Insect/Scorpion Glue Board

Brand: Catchmaster

These sticky traps will take care of a number of household pests. Trap location is everything when it comes to sticky traps like this one.

Catchmaster Mouse/Spider/ Insect/Scorpion Glue Board advantages

Effective against a number of different pests, including mice. A good solution where snap traps and poisons are prohibited. Cheaper than an exterminator.

Catchmaster Mouse/Spider/ Insect/Scorpion Glue Board disadvantages

Pests are trapped but not immediately dispatched. Larger pests can walk away from sticky traps.

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