Best Quality Price Mini Fridge

Danby Compact All

Brand: Danby

Your best choice for a compact model with all the bells and whistles for space-saving convenience.

Danby Compact All advantages

An environmentally friendly and energy-saving choice with CanStor dispenser for easy storage of canned beverages. Door is also reversible for added convenience.

Danby Compact All disadvantages

Does not offer a separate freezer compartment.

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RCA 1.7 Cubic Foot

Brand: RCA

An ideal choice for users who are on a budget. The best value for your money.

RCA 1.7 Cubic Foot advantages

A streamlined mini fridge with similar features as other models, including a reversible door. This model stands out for its 8 color choices to match any decor.

RCA 1.7 Cubic Foot disadvantages

Some users found that ice trays did not freeze completely when placed in the chiller compartment.

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Midea Compact Single Reversible Refrigerator 1.6 Cu. Ft.

Brand: Midea

A hassle-free, sometimes quiet and lightweight fridge that keeps things consistently chilled.

Midea Compact Single Reversible Refrigerator 1.6 Cu. Ft. advantages

Draws little electricity, great size for sodas, waters, a couple of day’s lunches. The freezer is tiny but maintains a frozen item for a short time. Adjustable legs, stainless steel door, and a perfect size to fit in dorms, underneath desks at work, and in recreation rooms.

Midea Compact Single Reversible Refrigerator 1.6 Cu. Ft. disadvantages

Freezer is more of a separate chiller section, but not for making ice cubes.

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Haier 1.7 Cubic Feet w/Freezer

Brand: Haier

A value-priced mini fridge with all of the features of more costly models including a chiller compartment with ice tray.

Haier 1.7 Cubic Feet w/Freezer advantages

Affordable and energy-efficient with a reversible door and freezer compartment. Similar to the Midea but comes with a lower price.

Haier 1.7 Cubic Feet w/Freezer disadvantages

Compartments on the door are flimsy, and items frequently fall out of them when opening the door.

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Igloo 1.6 CU FT Bar Fridge

Brand: Igloo

Budget-minded users will find it to be a worthwhile deal.

Igloo 1.6 CU FT Bar Fridge advantages

A no-frills model that stands out for its lightweight design and large chiller space. Features a reversible door and energy-saving operation.

Igloo 1.6 CU FT Bar Fridge disadvantages

Its quality does not match that of other models.

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