Best Quality Price Mens Ray Ban

Ray-Ban Classic Clubmaster

Brand: Ray-Ban

Tops our list for attractive looks, comfortable fit, and durable construction- Ray-Ban's most versatile men's style on the market.

Ray-Ban Classic Clubmaster advantages

An updated, contemporary version of a classic style. Has scratch-resistant glass lenses and a comfortable fit.

Ray-Ban Classic Clubmaster disadvantages

They run small, but the price falls on the higher end of the price spectrum. The lenses aren't polarized.

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Ray-Ban Large Metal Aviator

Brand: Ray-Ban

A classic silhouette that never goes out of style and a solid choice if you prefer aviator sunglasses and want Ray-Bans at a value price.

Ray-Ban Large Metal Aviator advantages

Traditional aviator style with durable metal frames. Has polarized lenses, adjustable arms, and falls on the low end of the price range for Ray-Bans.

Ray-Ban Large Metal Aviator disadvantages

The lenses might be somewhat large on men with smaller faces, and they are a bit heavy.

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Ray-Ban Wayfarer Classic

Brand: Ray-Ban

These are a throwback style that have recently become trendy again. If you want a classic style at a lower price, choose the aviators instead.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Classic advantages

Sports a solid nylon frame and glass lenses in an attractive style that compliments most men. They feel light and comfortable on the face.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Classic disadvantages

The lenses aren't polarized, but they still provide excellent sun protection.

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Ray-Ban Gatsby Round Sunglasses

Brand: Ray-Ban

Choose them if you prefer a unique, contemporary look; otherwise consider other styles we reviewed.

Ray-Ban Gatsby Round Sunglasses advantages

A trendy style with round lenses and tortoise shell-look frames. They have a small, lightweight design.

Ray-Ban Gatsby Round Sunglasses disadvantages

Some consumers didn't find the reflective lenses appealing. The style is also not for everyone.

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Ray-Ban Rectangle Sunglasses

Brand: Ray-Ban

The sportiest style in our roundup. Their shape and style is a good alternative to other models for some, but they look better than they shade the sun.

Ray-Ban Rectangle Sunglasses advantages

Combines polarized glass lenses and metal frames in a flattering rectangle style. Lenses are curved for comfort and polarized.

Ray-Ban Rectangle Sunglasses disadvantages

They are a bit costly, and consumers found that they don't block sun as well as others they tried.

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