Best Quality Price Mens Adidas Shoe

adidas Performance Ultra Boost

Brand: adidas

The Ultra Boost is a solid running shoe, and the tongue-less design improves comfort. We recommend going up at least a half size for a better fit.

adidas Performance Ultra Boost advantages

No tongue, so friction is reduced during runs. Strong ankle support. Comfortable enough for all-purpose walking or running.

adidas Performance Ultra Boost disadvantages

Uppers require long break-in period. Some consumers report receiving fakes or knock-offs, so be sure you receive the real Adidas brand. Sizing can be challenging.

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adidas Stan Smith Sneaker

Brand: adidas

The Stan Smith sneaker is a classic (or retro) Adidas model many customers remember wearing. Just as fashionable as it is functional, but also comfortable and durable.

adidas Stan Smith Sneaker advantages

Classic design, can be casual or sport shoe. High quality leather upper. Wide range of colors available.

adidas Stan Smith Sneaker disadvantages

Arch support is lacking, unlike originals. Fit is true to size, but narrow. Beware of fakes and knock-offs.

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adidas CC Rocket Boost

Brand: adidas

Runners and walkers who prefer well-ventilated shoes without socks will like the Rocket Boost. The energy recovery and spring are excellent, but the fit can be narrow. Good for indoor exercise.

adidas CC Rocket Boost advantages

Great energy return and "bounce". Well-ventilated, sockless running possible. Lightweight and ideal for treadmill running.

adidas CC Rocket Boost disadvantages

Does not repel water well (better on dry surfaces). Not ideal for cold weather conditions. Narrow fit in true size.

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adidas Performance Solar Boost

Brand: adidas

If a lightweight running shoe that also works well as a work or exercise shoe appeals to you, then the Solar Boost is one to consider. Sizing can be challenging, but customers say the right fit feels like wearing bedroom slippers.

adidas Performance Solar Boost advantages

Exceptionally lightweight and comfortable, good spring. Works as a stylish casual shoe. Popular cardio work-out model.

adidas Performance Solar Boost disadvantages

Not as supportive in the arch or ankle as other models. Sole can become separated from upper. Wet weather can be problematic with treads.

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adidas Gazelle Lace-up Sneaker

Brand: adidas

These are modern reproductions of a classic Adidas design, and they have retained most of the original elements. A bit noisy, but fashionably "old school" style.

adidas Gazelle Lace-up Sneaker advantages

Fashionably retro, but still a sport shoe at heart. Comfortable but snug fit. Good support for high arches.

adidas Gazelle Lace-up Sneaker disadvantages

Suede does not handle wet conditions well. Stiff rubber sole is noisy while walking. Thin plastic tongue, not soft leather or suede.

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