Best Quality Price Makeup Brush

Lazy Perfection 12-Brush Complete Collection

Brand: Lazy Perfection

Without question the best set of makeup brushes available. It's obvious that this product was designed with every attention to detail.

Lazy Perfection 12-Brush Complete Collection advantages

Extremely high-end, handmade bristles that are incredibly soft on the skin. Very easy to clean and handle. Artistic and professional designs separates them from the rest of the pack.

Lazy Perfection 12-Brush Complete Collection disadvantages

They are quite an investment, but you are paying for the highest quality brushes on the market.

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eBoTrade-Tech 32-Pc

Brand: eBoTrade-Tech

The best value. Though not as well-made as more costly makeup brushes, it offers a lot of brushes for a low price.

eBoTrade-Tech 32-Pc advantages

Offers large selection of brushes at a value price. We love its roll-up carrying case, made from earth-friendly materials.

eBoTrade-Tech 32-Pc disadvantages

Some users don't have the need for so many brushes, and some of the larger brushes shed.

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SHANY Pro Signature, 24 Pieces

Brand: SHANY

An affordable, high-quality makeup brush set that has every kind of feature you may ever need.

SHANY Pro Signature, 24 Pieces advantages

Well-made and attractive. Stands out for its two dozen diverse brushes, wooden handles, animal-friendly materials, and anti-bacterial bristles.

SHANY Pro Signature, 24 Pieces disadvantages

The longer haired brushes may shed a little.

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BS-MALL Synthetic Kabuki Set

Brand: BS-MALL

A top-selling brush set that is ideal for individuals who don't need a lot of brushes. A good value, but not as well-made as others we researched.

BS-MALL Synthetic Kabuki Set advantages

Extremely soft makeup brushes that stand out for their thick, easy-to-grip handles. Their soft texture makes makeup application easy and effective.

BS-MALL Synthetic Kabuki Set disadvantages

We noticed that this makeup brush set had a slight smell of chemicals.

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BESTOPE 8 Piece Makeup Brush Set


A good starter kit for beginners, but more experienced makeup users may want more variety in brush density and selection.

BESTOPE 8 Piece Makeup Brush Set advantages

Soft but thick brushes that do not shed. Brushes feel light and soft when applying makeup, yet disperse powders well. Easy to clean. Included carrying bag holds all brushes with room to spare.

BESTOPE 8 Piece Makeup Brush Set disadvantages

No fluffy brush. Can have a “plastic” smell that goes away after washing. Do not work well with eye shadow. May begin shedding after a few washes.

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