Best Quality Price Knee Brace

Bauerfeind GenuTrain

Brand: Bauerfeind

A great choice for active people who need the extra support. Excellent brand value.

Bauerfeind GenuTrain advantages

Incredibly flexible, offers even support, and lives up to the reputation of its maker.

Bauerfeind GenuTrain disadvantages

On the more expensive side, but you are paying for the quality of materials.

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Neo-G Medical Grade Brace

Brand: Neo-G

A very good active brace that is hard to beat for comfort and basic support. The best value for your money.

Neo-G Medical Grade Brace advantages

Great fit, breathable, and provides very good knee support without putting pressure on it. Incredible price.

Neo-G Medical Grade Brace disadvantages

The straps securing the brace are a bit thin.

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Shock Doctor Braces Ultra Support with Bilateral Hinges

Brand: Shock Doctor Braces

Budget friendly protection that provides great support.

Shock Doctor Braces Ultra Support with Bilateral Hinges advantages

Comfortable even when worn during exercise, and provides outstanding basic support.

Shock Doctor Braces Ultra Support with Bilateral Hinges disadvantages

Runs small. Difficult to take off because it fits so snugly onto your knee.

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DonJoy Reaction WEB

Brand: DonJoy

A decent knee brace, but if you need it for everyday use, it may not last a long time.

DonJoy Reaction WEB advantages

Snug fit, but comfortable and offers unmatched support during physical activity.

DonJoy Reaction WEB disadvantages

Sizing is unreliable. The web portion tends to wear away after consistent use.

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McDavid Hinged 429X, Cross Straps

Brand: McDavid

If you are active, you may want to go for a less restrictive brace that won't make your knee as sweaty.

McDavid Hinged 429X, Cross Straps advantages

Very comfortable and offers almost unrestricted movement.

McDavid Hinged 429X, Cross Straps disadvantages

Closed design can make it uncomfortably hot to wear in warmer weather.

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