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ACCU-CHEK Performa


Dependable, affordable, and straightforward to use. An excellent glucometer and comprehensive kit.

ACCU-CHEK Performa advantages

Easy to use. Highly accurate with spacious memory for tracking trends. Doesn't require a lot of blood. Affordable kit includes 110 strips and carrying case.

ACCU-CHEK Performa disadvantages

Strips are somewhat costly. A few reports of faulty models with inconsistent readings.

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OneTouch Ultra2

Brand: OneTouch

Easy to use and affordable, but it may not be as reliable (in terms of accuracy) as others on our list.

OneTouch Ultra2 advantages

Fast readings and easy-to-use meter. Portable size makes it easy to carry in your purse or pocket. Detailed instructions.

OneTouch Ultra2 disadvantages

Not as accurate as some of its competitors, and the screen can be hard to read. Test strips are a bit pricey.

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On Call Express On Call Express Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Brand: On Call Express

Despite its limitations, this glucometer is worth considering for anyone needing a budget-friendly option.

On Call Express On Call Express Blood Glucose Monitoring System advantages

Basic, affordable, and easy to use. Has a large screen that's easy to read. Users are happy about the reasonable price of the test strips. Backed by a five-year warranty.

On Call Express On Call Express Blood Glucose Monitoring System disadvantages

Calibrating it can be challenging, but it must be done for accurate results. Doesn't test ketones.

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FreeStyle Freedom Lite

Brand: FreeStyle

The FreeStyle Lite is reliable, fast, and reasonably accurate. However, test strips may make this one more expensive in the long run.

FreeStyle Freedom Lite advantages

Requires a tiny sample size. Alternate site testing okay. Spacious memory for tracking trends. A small unit that produces speedy readings.

FreeStyle Freedom Lite disadvantages

Strips are more expensive with this model. Consumers also note that strips are difficult to find in some areas. Occasional inaccurate readings.

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Bayer Active 1st Glucometer and Testing Kit

Brand: Bayer

A reliable glucometer with all the necessary components. The top deal on the market.

Bayer Active 1st Glucometer and Testing Kit advantages

Fast, fairly accurate readings, vivid screen, compact design. Value price. A comprehensive starter kit that includes all you need to get started, including 100 strips and lancets.

Bayer Active 1st Glucometer and Testing Kit disadvantages

A few inaccuracies have been reported. Slightly more confusing than some other models to use.

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