Best Quality Price Fire Pit

Sunnydaze Decor Large Cosmic Outdoor

Brand: Sunnydaze Decor

Stylish, spacious fire pit that will handle larger hardwood campfires. Moon and star cutouts provide good ventilation as well as aesthetics. Reasonably priced and performs well.

Sunnydaze Decor Large Cosmic Outdoor advantages

Deeper-than-average bowl allows larger fires to be built. Heat-resistant paint provides rustic appearance. Removable spark screen protects users and property.

Sunnydaze Decor Large Cosmic Outdoor disadvantages

Existing drain hole may need modifications or additions. Heat-resistant paint, but not rust-resistant steel. Bottom of fire bowl can overheat without the addition of sand.

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Pleasant Hearth Martin Extra Deep

Brand: Pleasant Hearth

With a 24"x24" chrome cooking grid, it can be used for both heat generation and grilling. We especially like its large capacity and overall appearance.

Pleasant Hearth Martin Extra Deep advantages

Exceptionally deep fire box can handle larger hardwood fires. Strong mesh prevents sparks from escaping. Excellent ventilation and drainage.

Pleasant Hearth Martin Extra Deep disadvantages

Thinner-gauge steel rusts and warps easily. Protective cover must be purchased separately. Some owners tell us the fire pit is more ornamental than functional.

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CobraCo Hand Hammered 100% Copper

Brand: CobraCo

Stands our for both beauty and practicality. If you're looking for a fire pit that adds a bright spot to your outdoor living space, this model could be for you.

CobraCo Hand Hammered 100% Copper advantages

Natural copper build is attractive, lightweight, and durable; owners report no corrosion after years of use. Deep build is ideal for burning logs. No assembly required. Comes w/fire screen and cover.

CobraCo Hand Hammered 100% Copper disadvantages

On the higher end of the price spectrum. The stand is flimsy, and the legs are prone to sinking into the ground on some surfaces.

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AZ Patio Heaters Propane GS-F-PC

Brand: AZ Patio Heaters

If safe outdoor heating is the goal, this is one to consider. 40,000-BTU output is bolstered by heat-retaining glass beads. Requires protection from the elements between uses, but more consistent than firewood.

AZ Patio Heaters Propane GS-F-PC advantages

40,000-BTU output from propane tank can heat 15' radius. Fire- and moisture-resistant glass beads retain heat during use. Stylish outer box w/bronze finish.

AZ Patio Heaters Propane GS-F-PC disadvantages

Additional glass beads may be needed to fill chamber. Paint has quality control issues, especially when heated. Must be protected from rain and elements.

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Fire Sense Roman

Brand: Fire Sense

Attractive retail price and great aesthetics. Users may have to do some minor modifications to improve functionality and durability, but the final results should be worth the time and effort.

Fire Sense Roman advantages

Simple but stylish design stands 35" from ground. Generous 36" round fire pit for hardwood. Mesh lifting tool and protective grates are included.

Fire Sense Roman disadvantages

No water drainage holes provided by manufacturer. Thinner metal rusts easily and can be damaged during shipment. Some plastic parts are exposed to heat.

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