Best Quality Price Electric Blanket

Perfect Fit SoftHeat Luxury Micro-Fleece, Low-Voltage

Brand: Perfect Fit

With thick microfleece, thin wires, and other high-end features, this blanket is a great value on today's market.

Perfect Fit SoftHeat Luxury Micro-Fleece, Low-Voltage advantages

Two zones with dual controls. Three-inch heating grid design eliminates hot and cold spots – a common problem with cheaper electric blankets. Machine washable.

Perfect Fit SoftHeat Luxury Micro-Fleece, Low-Voltage disadvantages

Two heating zones require two separate outlets.

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Sunbeam Quilted Fleece

Brand: Sunbeam

A modern electric blanket with updates that enhance comfort and safety, this blanket is the best deal available.

Sunbeam Quilted Fleece advantages

Low-voltage system for enhanced safety. Automatic shutoff after 10 hours. Multiple heat settings and dual controls so bed partners can set their own temperature. Machine washable.

Sunbeam Quilted Fleece disadvantages

Its wires are visually noticeable.

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Sunbeam Luxurious Velvet Plush

Brand: Sunbeam

A higher-end model by a popular manufacturer. Offers a lot for the price, including a velvety-soft design and extensive warranty.

Sunbeam Luxurious Velvet Plush advantages

Automatic shutoff, dual controls, and numerous heat settings in a velvet plush material. Temperature-adjusting Thermofine system creates consistent warmth. 5-year warranty.

Sunbeam Luxurious Velvet Plush disadvantages

Feels heavy and tends to slip off the bed. Some reports of malfunctioning after a few months, but the long warranty provides peace of mind.

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Serta Luxury Plush, Low-Voltage

Brand: Serta

A good blanket from a reputable manufacturer, backed by excellent customer service.

Serta Luxury Plush, Low-Voltage advantages

Dual controls. Good fit for the mattress size. Includes mechanisms to protect against overheating and other useful safety features. Thin and flexible with stylish shell. Machine washable. Generous warranty.

Serta Luxury Plush, Low-Voltage disadvantages

Limited color selection. Rare problems with pilling and shrinking. Not quite as well-insulated as competitors.

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Biddeford Comfort Knit

Brand: Biddeford

An affordable electric blanket with some quality control issues.

Biddeford Comfort Knit advantages

Automatic shutoff. Dual controls use two different outlets to minimize chance of overheating and give individuals more control. Main power cord is at bottom of blanket, which is preferable for many. Several colors available.

Biddeford Comfort Knit disadvantages

Rare incidents of faulty wiring in the main power cord reported. Internal heating wires are thicker than competitors. Machine washing isn't recommended.

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