Best Quality Price Dog House

Petmate Indigo w/Microban

Brand: Petmate

Easily the best dog house on the market. Your dog will appreciate the extra investment.

Petmate Indigo w/Microban advantages

Offers year-round insulation to keep dogs warm and features bacteria-resistant properties which reduce its cleaning requirements.

Petmate Indigo w/Microban disadvantages

The material seems flimsy, but it is incredibly sturdy.

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Suncast DH250 Dog House

Brand: Suncast

The best value for your money. It's hard to find a more durable and versatile dog house in this price range.

Suncast DH250 Dog House advantages

Easily holds dogs weighing up to 70 pounds. Assembly process is simple and quick.

Suncast DH250 Dog House disadvantages

Plastic door hinges have been known to fall off easily.

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Precision Pet Extreme Log Cabin

Brand: Precision Pet

We love this dog house's stress-free assembly, good looks, and durability. A close second to the Petmate.

Precision Pet Extreme Log Cabin advantages

A top choice for its durable and attractive wood construction and superior protection in all weather conditions.

Precision Pet Extreme Log Cabin disadvantages

It's difficult to clean the interior.

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Merry Wood Room with a View

Brand: Merry

There are higher quality dog houses on the market for a lower price but perhaps none that would look better in your living room.

Merry Wood Room with a View advantages

Stands out from the rest for its combined indoor and outdoor use. Caters to smaller pets.

Merry Wood Room with a View disadvantages

Stairs are small and tend to break.

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Etna Portable Dog House

Brand: Etna

If you're looking for an affordable product that travels well, you can't go wrong with this soft dog house.

Etna Portable Dog House advantages

Ideal for small pets and owners on the go thanks to its stress-free portability.

Etna Portable Dog House disadvantages

The material is a bit too soft to sufficiently support heavier dogs.

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