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Yamaha Arius Series YDP-184 Digital Piano

Brand: Yamaha

If you need a digital keyboard to feel and sound like a top-tier analog piano but want a range of technical features to improve the overall experience, this is the model for you.

Yamaha Arius Series YDP-184 Digital Piano advantages

Keys feel like an analog piano. Deep reverberation. Damper pedal controls. Digitally records your performances. Optimized for wireless headphones. Dark rosewood finish.

Yamaha Arius Series YDP-184 Digital Piano disadvantages

This premium digital keyboard is a fairly pricey model.

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Alesis Recital Pro

Brand: Alesis

If you're just learning how to play, you'll truly appreciate this value-packed digital keyboard and its variety of educational features.

Alesis Recital Pro advantages

Includes 12 alternate sound types, including church organ, synth, etc. Lesson Mode teaches the basics. Wide array of ports. Impressive speakers. Excellent value. Full-sized keys.

Alesis Recital Pro disadvantages

The keys certainly feel more like plastic than ivory.

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Korg LP-380 Digital Piano

Brand: Korg

This digital keyboard has an engaging sound, and its compact design makes it a good model for small spaces.

Korg LP-380 Digital Piano advantages

Slim stand and modern design. Trio of pedal controls. Features 30 sounds, including piano, pipe organ, etc. Weighted keys feel like an analog piano. Deep reverberation effect. Pair of headphone jacks. Integrated metronome.

Korg LP-380 Digital Piano disadvantages

A little heavier than it looks.

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Casio Privia PX-S3000 Digital Piano

Brand: Casio

With so many synthetic sounds at your fingertips, this is a fun model for experienced digital musicians to experiment with.

Casio Privia PX-S3000 Digital Piano advantages

Features 700 sounds and 200 rhythms. Weighted keys feel like authentic ivory. Records your play sessions. Rich stereo speakers. Includes 3-piece damper pedal.

Casio Privia PX-S3000 Digital Piano disadvantages

Does not include a keyboard stand.

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Roland AX-Edge-W Keytar

Brand: Roland

Bring your keyboardist into the spotlight with the durable, high-quality, and versatile AX-Edge keytar.

Roland AX-Edge-W Keytar advantages

Utilizes 49 full-size keys. Up to four hours of battery life. Weighs only 9 pounds. Features hundreds of programs and preset tones. Available in white and black. Interchangeable edge plates.

Roland AX-Edge-W Keytar disadvantages

If you play with the AX-Edge for hours on end, you’ll feel the heft of those 9 pounds.

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