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Apt. 9 Block-Center Square Cufflinks

Brand: Apt. 9

Best option for the gentleman who wants a versatile pair of cufflinks with just enough personality.

Apt. 9 Block-Center Square Cufflinks advantages

Anchor-back design is easy to fit into buttonholes, even stiff ones. Despite the budget-friendly price, the mechanism is solid with quality construction. A herringbone design encased in a bubble complements most formalwear and matches most men’s jewelry well.

Apt. 9 Block-Center Square Cufflinks disadvantages

Metal may sustain discoloration when exposed to moisture, and the bubble is prone to scratches.

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MOWOM Silver Black Rhodium Plated

Brand: MOWOM

A great choice for men who want a unique cufflink style, but may not appeal to those who like classic looks.

MOWOM Silver Black Rhodium Plated advantages

Stand out for their ornate design with durable rhodium finish. Quality construction and expensive look at an affordable price point.

MOWOM Silver Black Rhodium Plated disadvantages

Some men who wore them noted that they were someone bulky and heavy compared to other cufflink styles.

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Iron & Oak High-Polished Stainless Steel

Brand: Iron & Oak

Good looks, satisfaction guarantee, and a low price make these cufflinks the best choice right now.

Iron & Oak High-Polished Stainless Steel advantages

A lot to offer for a surprisingly low price. Made of durable stainless steel with a design that looks great with any shirt. Backed by supportive customer service and a money back guarantee.

Iron & Oak High-Polished Stainless Steel disadvantages

These cufflinks are on the large size, but few consumers are concerned given the value and style they offer.

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Marvelous Cuff Studs

Brand: Marvelous

Attractive classic cufflinks that look great with any style. Their looks, construction, and versatility earn them our best value award.

Marvelous Cuff Studs advantages

Classic design that looks great for formal or casual wear. Comes with four studs. Features brightly polished rhodium finish and durable construction with a faux onyx stone.

Marvelous Cuff Studs disadvantages

Some testers found that the stud backs are too small for some shirts, but this is a minor concern considering the quality.

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PenSee Classic Stainless Steel

Brand: PenSee

A sound choice for consumers who like a variety of options, but others we tested offered higher quality and value.

PenSee Classic Stainless Steel advantages

Made of solid stainless steel. Available in different shapes and colors to fit versatile styles. Comes in a nice gift box.

PenSee Classic Stainless Steel disadvantages

We found that the actual colors of the yellow and gold cufflinks do not quite match the descriptions.

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