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Millennial Medical 500 lb. Capacity with Spring Assist

Brand: Millennial Medical

Numerous adjustments to underarm height and arm/wrist length make these crutches very comfortable. Design discourages painful kinking of the wrists. Many improvements over traditional underarm crutches.

Millennial Medical 500 lb. Capacity with Spring Assist advantages

Spring-powered shock absorbers provide positive rebound energy. Ergonomic handles keep wrists in natural position. Easy to disassemble and carry.

Millennial Medical 500 lb. Capacity with Spring Assist disadvantages

Not adjustable for users under 5'7". Handles can become loose over time. Don't address underarm pressure issue common with static crutches.

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DMI Push-Button Adjustable Crutches

Brand: DMI

A durable and affordable alternative to traditional armpit crutches, but should be viewed as very light-duty crutches. Owning a set of durable crutches is always a good idea for unexpected injuries or surgical recovery.

DMI Push-Button Adjustable Crutches advantages

Very affordable alternative to renting standard crutches. Lightweight anodized aluminum construction. Sturdier and more durable than wooden crutches.

DMI Push-Button Adjustable Crutches disadvantages

Not suitable for users over 250 lb. or taller than 5'10". Original padding for armpits and hands is uncomfortable. Users in the recommended height range still had comfort issues.

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iWALK 2.0 Hands-Free

Brand: iWALK

Innovative alternative to traditional crutches, but users should be in good overall condition. Those who want to return to normal routines during recovery would benefit most from this support device.

iWALK 2.0 Hands-Free advantages

Provides a "hands-free" experience for users. Ideal for lower leg or ankle injuries. More stable on uneven ground than traditional crutches.

iWALK 2.0 Hands-Free disadvantages

Minimal cushion on knee pad and strapping. Steep learning curve. Not suitable for injuries at or above the knee.

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Drive Medical Bariatric Steel Forearm

Brand: Drive Medical

Bariatric crutches using supportive arm cuffs are much more comfortable for certain patients than traditional underarm crutches. If weight is an issue, this is a set to consider first, especially right after surgery.

Drive Medical Bariatric Steel Forearm advantages

500 lb. capacity. Ideal for weight-related mobility issues and chronic muscular illnesses. Easily customized for comfort. Durable steel construction.

Drive Medical Bariatric Steel Forearm disadvantages

Arm cuffs aren't proportional to many bariatric patients. Quality control concerns about arm cuffs and expansion tubes. Confusion over 1 or 2 crutches per order.

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Medline Aluminum Forearm Crutches

Brand: Medline

These affordably priced forearm crutches won't replace higher-end bariatric models for long-term use, but they're a good alternative to traditional armpit crutches. Sizing and customizing are important considerations.

Medline Aluminum Forearm Crutches advantages

Telescoping arms make these easy to transport. Vinyl-coated arm cuffs for comfort. Reinforced aluminum tubing reduces noise.

Medline Aluminum Forearm Crutches disadvantages

Some complaints of only receiving one crutch. Some complaints that the feet wore down too quickly.

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