Best Quality Price Cat House

Kitty Tube GENERATION 2 Outdoor Insulated

Brand: Kitty Tube

Outdoes the competition with generous insulation, earth-friendly materials and a spacious, well-protected interior. Add in ease of maintenance, and that's why we deem it the "best of the best".

Kitty Tube GENERATION 2 Outdoor Insulated advantages

Well-insulated, with bedding and heating options for outdoor and feral cats. Manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. Will hold multiple cats, including mothers-to-be.

Kitty Tube GENERATION 2 Outdoor Insulated disadvantages

No second escape door, but that is by design. Does not accommodate every kind of electric heating pad cord.

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K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Heated A-Frame

Brand: K&H Manufacturing

The best value for your money. We like the added protection of two separate entrances in case of predators. Great for a back porch or protected carport.

K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Heated A-Frame advantages

Perfect for outside or feral cats due to heated bedding and two separate entrances and escape doors. Ultra-simple assembly and sleek design. Can be used indoors as well.

K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Heated A-Frame disadvantages

Electric power supply not water-resistant. Fairly light and flimsy without occupants.

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Merry Cat Washroom/Night Stand Pet House

Brand: Merry

Fits in well with other household furnishings and can be stationed next to the owner's bed or living room or washroom. If style and solid construction are a priority, this is the one to consider.

Merry Cat Washroom/Night Stand Pet House advantages

Can also function as a litter box cover and nightstand. Very stylish and well-constructed. Easy to maintain and is very accessible for larger cats.

Merry Cat Washroom/Night Stand Pet House disadvantages

Not especially suited for outdoor/feral cats. Interior dimensions don't accommodate standard size litter boxes.

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TRIXIE Pet Products 3-Story House

Brand: TRIXIE Pet Products

Owners of smaller indoor or outside ferals will be very satisfied with it, but larger cats, may not take an interest. Expensive but worth the investment in exchange for years of use.

TRIXIE Pet Products 3-Story House advantages

Weatherproof construction makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Designed with 2 escape doors to deter predators. Additional levels and sun decks allow for multiple cats.

TRIXIE Pet Products 3-Story House disadvantages

Thin walls and lack of insulation may require the addition of an electric blanket.

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SKL Luxury High-End Double

Brand: SKL

An attractive price, but you may be sacrificing a bit on the quality of material.

SKL Luxury High-End Double advantages

Exceptionally affordable price. Spacious for a bargain-end cat or small dog house. Incredibly easy to assemble. Not heated, but will accommodate a heating pad or blanket.

SKL Luxury High-End Double disadvantages

We weren't impressed with the initial sturdiness, but reinforcements are possible. The roof has a tendency to detach from the living space.

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