Best Quality Price Aquarium Decoration

Penn-Plax 8-Piece Stone Replica

Brand: Penn-Plax

Tops our list for being a good looking and practical decoration set that complements almost any aquarium.

Penn-Plax 8-Piece Stone Replica advantages

Provides both attractive decor and stress-reducing fish hiding spots. Includes 8 pieces made of strong resin with a natural stone look.

Penn-Plax 8-Piece Stone Replica disadvantages

Some of our testers noticed residue in the water, but this can be prevented by thoroughly rinsing the pieces before placing them in your aquarium.

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Govine Aquarium Castle

Brand: Govine

Has a lot to offer for less- the best choice for budget-conscious aquarium owners.

Govine Aquarium Castle advantages

Offers features that both fish and aquarium hobbyists love for a value price – hiding places, attractive design, and safe materials. Sports a unique 9.6-inch castle design.

Govine Aquarium Castle disadvantages

Large fish may not fit in some of the holes and crevices, but this is a minor concern.

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Marina Mangrove Root

Brand: Marina

If you want high-quality aquarium decor with ample hiding spots, choose the Penn-Plax model instead.

Marina Mangrove Root advantages

Resembles natural plant-like root material for fish to swim around. Its 12-inch height makes it ideal for large aquariums.

Marina Mangrove Root disadvantages

It has some rough edges, and some testers found that the paint tends to chip over time.

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Blue Ribbon Exotic Environments Hollow Log

Brand: Blue Ribbon

Offers more aesthetic appeal than quality considering the high price –we recommend others we reviewed instead.

Blue Ribbon Exotic Environments Hollow Log advantages

A large, natural-looking log ornament with spacious hiding area for large fish. Sports beautiful detailing in a one-piece design.

Blue Ribbon Exotic Environments Hollow Log disadvantages

It has some sharp edges, and the tendency to alter the pH level of the aquarium water. It's also the most expensive on our list.

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North American Pet Sculpted Wonder Rock

Brand: North American Pet

Possibly the best choice if you are decorating your aquarium with a natural theme.

North American Pet Sculpted Wonder Rock advantages

Made of safe materials and has a natural look. Features holes that encourage activity.

North American Pet Sculpted Wonder Rock disadvantages

A bit heavy and large, and somewhat pricey considering the basic design.

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